Team Builds



Why Team Builds?


Improving employee engagement can increase productivity, organisations with high engagement have reported increased productivity up to 22 %. In addition, strong employee engagement promotes a variety of outcomes that are good for employees and customers.


Team builds are a great way of increasing performance of existing teams, new teams getting to know one another’s strengths, re structured teams finding ways of working or project teams wanting to find solutions.

 What we do


Every Client is different, therefore every coaching assignment will be different, but some of what is generally included is:


  • Identify what is at the heart of any current challenges
  • Review objectives & desired outcomes
  • Get the balance right for you, between development & fun
  • Design a bespoke team build day or two days
  • Encourage team participation
  • Evaluate the success of the day
  • Design follow sessions if required




How Team Builds work


No two teams are the same, therefore no team building activity or programme can be the same. We will work with you to meet your objectives to create a bespoke team build activity, balancing fun activities with personal & team development, getting to know each other, and team dynamics.


  • Consult with you to discuss team objectives
  • Proposal sent through outlining content for the day based on agreed objectives
  • Pre work sent out if required
  • One or two day facilitated team build
  • Follow up sessions or post work if required

Team Builds enables you to:





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