Psychometric Profiling



Why Psychometric Profiling?


Psychometrics have been successfully used in learning and development, in particular to enhance the effectiveness of senior management and leadership development programmes, as well as team development training. There is scope to use these tools much more widely in training, across many different areas, to highlight strength & development areas & to understand individuals, improving effectiveness & team communication.


Feedback from those who have completed such tests suggest that the experience of participating is often personal, enjoyable, and can help with team building. 

 What we do


Every Client is different, therefore every coaching assignment will be different, but some of what is generally included is:


  • Work with you to find out what is at the heart of any current challenges
  • Agree objectives & desired outcomes
  • Identify which Psychometric profiling tool is right for you
  • A bespoke programme, training day or one to one coaching session will be designed for you
  • Facilitation of day/programme
  • All materials provided
  • Follow up sessions where required




How Psychometric Profiling works


Psychometric profiling like all our services can be tailored to meet your needs. Most commonly though it takes the form of a workshop which includes:


  • Consult with you to discuss individual or team objectives & access which tool & format is right for you
  • For Individuals - a half day coaching session, with coaching follow up options if required
  • For Teams - a bespoke one or two day workshop based on the team requirements
  • Workbooks provided for all individuals
  • Follow up sessions to review objectives or individual coaching if required


Psychometric Profiling enables you to:





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