Management development



Why Management development?


Your business is only as good as your people, the more developed your people are the greater your results. Investing in your people is crucial to success in any business & it is proven that investing in developing your managers enhances engagement, increasing discretional effort.


Management development can encompass a range of skills, which can form part of a development programme or can be one off workshops.

What we do


Every client is different & we can run a range of management development workshops, either as a one off workshop or as part of a development programme, below are some of the subjects we cover.


  • Image & Impact
  • Influencing
  • Decision Making
  • Time Management
  • How to Coach
  • How to Five & Receive Feedback
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Teams
  • Handling Change
  • Team Dynamics


How Management Development works


As all our workshops are bespoke based on your business needs, below is a guide as to how it works


  • Initial consultation to discuss development needs & objectives
  • Proposal sent with what will be included in the workshop or development programme
  • Pre work sent out
  • Facilitated workshop
  • Post work
  • Follow up sessions if required


Management Development enables you to:






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