Executive Coaching



Why Executive Coaching?


With increasing seniority the need to take time out to focus on your goals & how you will achieve them becomes even more important. To lead a team you need a clear direction & we all need some head space now and again to help us get that clarity.


Coaching can really help you to think differently by using a combination of coaching models & creative tools, you can unlock your true potential.


Our coaching programme is future focused & will take you on a journey of discovery.

Executive Coaching enables you to:






 What we do


Every Client is different, therefore every coaching assignment will be different, but some of what is generally included is:


  • Identify what is at the heart of your challenges
  • Help you articulate clearly what you want
  • Understand the part you play in the way things are
  • Explore your options for moving forward
  • Create and deliver achievable plans for reaching your goals
  • Find ways to overcome obstacles




How Executive Coaching works


Like all our services this can be tailored to meet your needs. Most commonly though it takes the form of a coaching package which includes:


  • An introductory session at which your challenges and needs are identified and you make a decision about whether to proceed
  • A contracting session with line manager
  • Four to six coaching sessions of 60-90 minutes each, spaced to suit you
  • Telephone and e-mail support between sessions
  • An evaluation of success against your goals


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